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Development Studies by Youth





 This research group aims to promote research and communication of the youth members of JASID. Although not a few youths in Japan are researching on development, they have difficulty in getting opportunities to interact with each other because they are scattered widely all over Japan. Therefore, they can barely share their ideas and information about development with each other. Furthermore, the topics and methods for development studies are becoming diversified. This trend also highlights the importance of establishing a research group with youths’ initiative to share the diversified ideas.

 The main activity of this research group is to hold a thematic session in the Spring Conference and Annual Conference of JASID. Members of this study group discuss lively through the process of preparing and conducting a session, which enables them to share each other’s thoughts and experience of development meanwhile to support each other in going further into their own topic. In addition to holding thematic sessions, this research group plans to have on-line workshops in order to involve more youth members in the activities of the group.

 We believe that holding thematic sessions is beneficial not only for the members of this research group but for other JASID members. Fresh perspectives presented by youth will also be a great inspiration to others of JASID.

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